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Chalet Bergheim


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The chalet can be reached from Zermatt by foot in about 20-25 minutes (See map). During lift operating hours, there is a free elevator from the Sunegga lift station to the Cervo hotel which removes a lot of the vertical height difference! Outside of lift operating hours the quickest way to town is via the Zig-Zag path. Or if you have a drink at the Cervo hotel they will give you a code to use the lift at any time :)


In Summer you can reach the chalet directly by taxi. In winter, the nearest road access is point is at Chalet Luna, 400m from the chalet.


The footpaths are cleared from snow by the local council and the walks are very enjoable, perfect for burning off your fondue! There is no traffic and you are surrounded by the mountains. We clear the snow on the short 10 metre path to the property before you arrive but during your stay snow clearance will be your responsibility. Because of this the chalet is only suitable for able bodied persons. Access may not be as easy as an apartment in town but the remoteness and sense of adventure is worth it!


In Winter, luggage transfer to and from the chalet at the beginning and end of your stay is included in the rental fee (10am-12pm and 2pm-3:30pm Monday-Saturday).





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